Profil Dosen

Abdul Ngafif, M.Pd.B.I.

Loving English and being an IT minded

Basuki, M.Pd.B.I.

Loving translation and caring on curriculum of education

Dr. Junaedi Setiyono, M.Pd.

Things that I dislike can be good for me; on the other way around, things that I like can be bad for me. Thus, it is better for me to just flow down like the river that flows down into the ocean.

Dr. Semi Sukarni, M.Pd.

To be a strong woman, every skill must be used both hard skill and soft skill

Dr. Sudar, M.Pd.

Life is a struggle, struggle for a life.

Dr. Titi Rokhayati, M.Pd.

God helps those who help themselves Always give benefits to others

Dr. Tusino, M.Pd.B.I.

My life is for my family

Edy Sunjayanto, S.S., M.Pd.

Teaching and running business are his passion

Ismawati Ike Nugraeni, S.S., M.Hum.

Family and career should be balanced

Juita Triana, M.Pd.

Outer beauty outs automatically when inner beauty goes out first

Puspa Dewi, M.Pd.

Keep positive thinking

Zulia Chasanah, S.S., M.Pd.

When nothing goes left, goes right

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