Proceeding of English Language Teaching Learning Conference (ELTiC) held by English Language Education of Purworejo Muhammadiyah University

SeminarTopicConference DateKeynote SpeakersFlyerProceeding
ELTiC 1English Learning in the 21st Century: Its trends and challenges to face ASEAN Economic CommunityAugust 30, 2016Prof. Dr. Suwarsih Madya, Ph.D.
John Larsen
(Redwoods University, USA)
Dr. Sudar, M.Pd. (UMPurworejo)
ELTiC 2Revitalizing English Teaching Learning beyond the 21st Century: Challenges, paradigms, and ImplicationsAugust 26, 2017Prof. Dr. Endang Fauziati, M.Hum.
(Surakarta Muhammadiyah University)
Brooke Nolan, M.A.
(University of Western Australia)
Dr. Junaedi Setiyono, M.Pd.
ELTiC 3Empowering English Teachers and Learners in Globalization EraSeptember 8, 2018Prof. Joko Nurkamto, M.Pd.
Sawyer Marthin French
(New York, USA)
Dr. Semi Sukarni, M.Pd.
ELTiC 4Enhancing English Language Teaching-learning in Industrial Revolution 4.0: Method, Strategy, and AssessmentOctober 5, 2019Prof. Dr. Sukarno, M.Si.
(Untidar Magelang)
Sean T. Stellfox
(Neumann University, Aston, Pensylvania, USA)
Dr. Sudar, M.Pd.
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